Please join us. As a non-profit organization, our production pieces are only possible because of our key partnerships and fundings. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


Ardea Arts deeply thanks and appreciates the many foundations, individuals, community partners, and sponsors that have brought us this far.


J. Speed Carroll

The Jaffe Family Foundation



in memoriam Aase H. Holby




Arthur Elgort

Lynn Schneider



OPERA America

Jody and John Arnhold



Wegard D. Holby

The National Endowment for the Arts

Pam & Bill Michaelcheck



The AKC Fund

Patricia Deans

Ansel Elgort

Amy & Ronald Guttman

Lion’s Pride Foundation

Richenthal Foundation

Susan Crown Exchange

The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund

Robert L. Turner



Jacqueline Mary Cohen

Michelle Childs

Melissa A. Geiger

Martin & Lynn Halbfinger

Deborah Hearst

Alexandra & Paul Herzan

Deborah Kaye

Susan MacEachron

Merle & Leslie Rabine

Angela & Siamik Samii

Martin & Jean Shafiroiff



P. J. Barry

Daniel L. Nir & Jill E. Braufman Foundation

Clements Family Charitable Trust

Joyce & Barry Cohen

Scott Dunn

Len Elmore

Linda L. Griggs

Paul & Melissa Marvin

Marie Reynolds

Emily & Andrew Gerson Saines

Katie Shah

Raymond Steckel

Jill Steinberg

Sophie & Eric VonStroh

Beth Wittig

The American Spiritual Ensemble



Sylvia Ander

Norman Boyd

Franco Colavecchia

Jane Comfort

Nicasio Del Castillo

Scott A. Dunn

Katherine Komaroff Goodman

Michael Loeb

William & Meredith Mayer

Marie Reynolds

John Rockwell

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schechter

Dhiren & Katherine Shah

Yolanda & Lenny Variano

Andy Arkin & Nancy Vines

Peter J. Wender

Raymond Wetmore

Stephen & Anne Whitehouse



Amy Bevacqua

Page & Courtney Leidy

Julia S. Craig

Jacqueline Mack-Harris

Jamie Olmos

Lori Ford

W. S. Hale

Lorna Henkel

Phoebe Nir

Neal L. Singh

Paul F. Wetmore

Patricia Birch

Peter Michael Kagan

Jim & Marie O’Neill

Ibiayi Briggs

Joan Horvath

Rosalie Calabrese

List current as of June 2018.