The Ardea Arts internship will give the right candidate hands-on experience with a small non-profit performing arts organization. You will be an integral part of the organization and work side-by-side with the creative team, staff, and artists who are creating new opera for new audiences.

Internship description

The right candidate will be organized, able to multitask, and complete jobs with a high degree of excellence—an excellent writer, a good communicator, team player, detail-oriented, self-starter, and ready to pitch in with whatever is needed. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and macOS required. Proficiency in database management a major plus. Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) experience a major plus. Ability to read music or understand basic musical concepts a plus. Knowledge of theater, music theater, opera, and family programming a plus.

Specific tasks and skill requirements

Development Assistance:

  • Foundation research and donor correspondence.
  • Preparing and sending newsletters, invites, and project updates to email lists; packets and updates to donors and potential donors.
  • Assist with grant preparation, marketing packets, scheduling, and travel arrangements.

Administrative Tasks:

  • Maintain and amend databases of artists, presenters, and donors.
  • Paperwork, packets, flyers, errands, mailings, organization of files, information, artist travel booking, studio maintenance.
  • Maintain and organize office facilities and archival material.

Event Planning:

  • Assist with event planning and production, event management, cleanup, and post-event organization (occasional evening and weekend hours).

Social Media:

  • Assist with all types of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, email lists, and website maintenance.


  • Ability to lift heavy objects up to 50 lb (23 kg).
  • Various other tasks and duties as needed.

The internships are typically three to four months in length. Successful candidates’ working schedule will be determined upon hiring, and are required to commit a minimum of 21 hours a week.

STIPEND: Monthly MetroCard after the first month. We can also offer credit if your school accepts it.

Past Internships

 Our Summer 2016 interns!      

Our Summer 2016 interns!



 Our 2017 Summer Interns took a break to catch the first Solar Eclipse in over 40 years!

Our 2017 Summer Interns took a break to catch the first Solar Eclipse in over 40 years!


“My experience working with Ardea Arts was the first real stepping stone I had into the world of arts administration. As the Artistic Administrative Intern I coordinated appointments, participated in company meetings, and worked closely to maintain databases. Additionally, I helped create a social media campaign for the company and produced visual and written content representing Ardea. One of the most important skills I gained through Ardea was participating in the editing of grant proposals. Since working with Ardea Arts I have been qualified for working with other performing art production teams, and have made many networking connections in the industry.”

Caroline Lim
Summer 2015 – Administrative & Development Intern


“As an intern at Ardea Arts I gained a broad range of new experiences. I had never worked on the administrative side of a business, so I learned more about how an office operates on a day-to-day basis and what an intensive marketing period looks like. I had also never been around a professional theater production, so it was exciting to see it come together as I learned about the different roles. Finally, I had very little graphic design experience, so it was cool to discover how much I enjoyed it as I gained a great deal of practice with different Adobe programs.”

Anne Leonardo
Summer 2016 – Administrative & Graphic Design Intern


“As an administration and development intern, I worked on BOUNCE The Basketball Opera this summer. It was interesting to learn how a workshop production comes together and the level of preparation needed beforehand. I have had a primary involvement in theatre, but never from a behind-the-scenes standpoint, so it was great to understand that side. I developed hands-on experience of different administrative positions in a theatre/opera company and made many useful connections. I’m thankful to the Ardea Arts team for being so welcoming.”

Tara Mulligan
Summer 2016 – Administrative & Development Intern


“In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to intern at Ardea Arts. Throughout the 7 or so weeks I interned there, I gained vast knowledge on how to prepare and run a workshop production of a musical. At the time we were working on BOUNCE The Basketball Opera. For the show, I was able to use my knowledge of Photoshop and InDesign to produce a program, app and other graphics needed for the show. I was also put in charge of props during the actual performances. During this opportunity I never felt alone. I worked with four other interns as well as producers, other employees, musicians and the cast of the show. Working at Ardea Arts has prepared me to work with other theatre companies.” 

Jennifer Sacks
Summer 2016 - Administrative & Production Intern


“Interning at Ardea Arts has provided me with experience in a music genre that was completely foreign to me. As someone who wants to work in the entertainment industry, it’s best to gain experience wherever I can, and Ardea Arts has given me exactly that. Updating the Artist E-Card and creating a pitch for One Christmas Long Ago specifically has taught me more about outreach marketing. I also gained more hands-on experience in production through BOUNCE readings and workshops. The Ardea Arts team welcomed me with open arms, and served as great mentors. This internship was one to remember, and an experience I will always bring up to future employers.”

Genevieve Domingo
Summer 2017 - Administrative & Development Intern


“Interning with Ardea Arts has gracefully opened my eyes to both the nonprofit and opera word. Initially I lacked a complete understanding in the two areas, but I was driven to learn more because of Grethe’s passion for the company and BOUNCE. Over the course of 8 months I gained an immense amount of hands on experience in marketing, production, event planning and crowd funding; more than I could imagine. I was taught to work with software that I had little to no knowledge of; such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro. Being in a smaller office gave me the chance to learn directly from my superiors everyday. Whether the team was working out of the office or on site at a show, working for Ardea Arts was a great time.”

Rachel Andrade
Spring & Summer 2017 – Administrative & Marketing Intern


“Working with Ardea Arts served as a fantastic introduction to the world of arts administration in general and opera in particular. I gained useful knowledge of and hands-on experience with many useful programs and databases, as well as with the complex processes of grant-writing and large-scale fundraising. I also assisted in the organization of a developmental reading of BOUNCE, a fascinating window into the process of script development as well as into the logistical concerns that often arise during event planning. Interning here was definitely a great and productive way to spend my summer!”

Ilana Rothman
Summer 2017 – Administrative & Development Intern


“My main job as an Administrative and Production intern was to help create the poster design for the New York showing in March, create our 2017 Christmas slideshow, edit and create an audio piece which was featured in the Kentucky premiere, and update Ardea’s server and database. I learned how to use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator which are three programs I had never worked with before. Since Ardea is a small company, there are more jobs to be done as an intern and you learn how to multi task and adapt to new jobs given to you. I am proud of how much I have accomplished this semester and Ardea has prepared me for future internship and job opportunities.”

Meredith Beisel
Fall 2017 – Administrative & Development Intern


“The Ardea Arts team welcomed me with open arms and their passion for the arts is wonderfully contagious. I was thrown into many hands-on jobs that were unique to this company such as decorating for the Holiday party, rounding up basketball equipment for BOUNCE, and managing the Ardea Arts social media accounts. Growing alongside BOUNCE as it premiered in Kentucky truly made this internship
worthwhile. I gained so much appreciation and love for the background work of opera and musicals that I never thought about prior. Watching BOUNCE come to life from an excel sheet to the court was immensely fulfilling. I have also learned a great
amount of office structural work such as budgeting for a production, effectively asking for donations, organizing the server, and displaying a friendly and professional stature to potential donors and board members. I am sincerely blessed to be a part of Ardea Arts this semester and will forever cherish this opportunity.”

Sierra Elis Adams
Fall 2017 – Administrative & Production Intern